2 o’Clock Punk Rock - August 29, 2014
The Real McKenzies - Pour Decisions

Pour decisions, a punk musician just ain’t as cute at 53
I have forsaken money makin’
Yeah, you still wish you were me

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - August 28, 2014
Circle Jerks - Backed Up Against the Wall (live)

More old school footage of punk shows.
Anyone know what year this is from?

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - August 27, 2014
Bomb the Music Industry - Wednesday Night Drinkball

There’s nothing less cool than feeling exhausted from hours of not doing a damn thing at all.

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - August 26, 2014
Subhumans - ‘Til the Pigs Come Round (live)

We got punks and drunks
And thrills and pills
And lots of things to make your head go round
It’s fun fun fun fun fun til the pigs come round

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - August 25, 2014
Authority Zero - Lift One Up (new music video)

Brand new music video from Authority Zero

Punk Rock Gifs

I’m kinda into making these at the moment. Few more coming tonight probably.

If you have specific bands you’d like to see, lemme know?

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - August 24, 2014
Rancid - Bloodclot (music video)

Whoa swing your fists, whack stitches in the face
Fuck ups on me I feel sorry I work here 
Never been like them with this society 
Life protects me feeling the finality