2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 22, 2014
Tim Vantol - Bitter Morning Taste (music video)

And this emptiness is hard to fill. 
And I’m sure that it never will. 
Things just seem to happen that way. 
I miss you more than I did yesterday. 

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 21, 2014
Flatliners - Fireball (live Tony Sly cover)

Flatliners playing Tony Sly’s song, Fireball live in Quebec City. Awesome.

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - Easter Day
Reagan Youth - Jesus Was a Communist

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 19, 2014
Choking Victim - Crack Rock Steady

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 18, 2014
American Steel - Tear the Place Apart

Said you want revenge?
I’ll see that it’s sickly sweet, my friend
Cause in the end all will pay
Forever to remain
Burning in your eyes

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 17, 2014
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Linda Ronstadt (new song)

Another new song from their upcoming album.

It can look like the worlds gone black.
But remember that the sun comes back.
At least they say it does.
— Banner Pilot

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 16, 2014
Green Day - Brain Stew/Jaded (music video)

Speaking of Insomniac, I’m pretty sure Jaded is Green Day’s best song.

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 15, 2014
Banner Pilot - Effigy (new song)

New song from their album Souvenir, which came out today on Fat Wreck.

I’ve been listening to Banner Pilot pretty much non-stop the past 3 days. So good.

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 14, 2014
Green Day - State of Shock (unreleased demo)

Green Day just put out this unreleased b-side. It’ll be part of an upcoming album of b-sides called “Demolicious”.

BRB. Gonna go listen to Insomniac 5 times through…

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 13, 2014
Left Alone - Get Dead

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 12, 2014
Only Crime - Contagious (new song)

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 11, 2014
Against Me! - Born on the FM Waves of the Heart (live w/ Laura Stevenson)

Recorded during a soundcheck in Seattle on their recent tour. Saw them do this song live in Vancouver.

I *heart* Laura Stevenson. True story.

Laura Jane Grace is kinda wired…