It’s easy to be firemen in a house made of brick
Spit the puss from your mouth, you bastard
You ruin my dress when you talk

- Blackbird Raum

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - September 17, 2014
Sick of it All - DNC (Do Not Comply) (new song)

Brand new song from New York’s Sick of it All.
New album called The Last Act of Defiance out Sept 30th. 

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - September 15, 2014
Rudimentary Peni - Nothing But A Nightmare

the pile of shit inside your brain,
in which you live 
is not your own,
you live out all the lies you’re given 
you’re too scared to face yourself,
you’re too scared to face yourself,
so you’re too scared to please yourself, 
living in your dream world is 
nothing but a nightmare

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - September 14, 2014
The Damned - Anti-Pope

I’ve got nothing against church
Or any people who go there and show they’re
Plain ignorant and don’t understand

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - September 13, 2014
The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated (music video)

My band is filming a music video all day today, so here’s one of my favorite music videos. 

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - September 12, 2014
Larry and His Flask - Ebb and Flow

The ebb and flow 
The smaller things 
The flight of the crow 
Is life and death still all that we know 
We all come and we all fade away 
Nightmares and dreams 
The call of the fray 
This night will soon be turned to day. 

2 o’Clock Punk Rock - September 11, 2014
Blackbird Raum - Ars Goetia

Strike with all you have
There’s no tomorrow
Your fists, your bodies, your minds
There’s no tomorrow